Tips for maintaining health of your call centre employees

The most common news in all newspapers about call centers is that the rate of employee turnover is very high. There are very few employees who can work at call centers for a longer time. Retention of employees is the most important challenge in front of the HR department of any call centre Surry hills has.

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Among the various causes that create such a high turnover at any call centre in Surry hills are unhealthy lifestyles, disrupted body clock and of course stress. Although there are many incentives like night differential rate, meal allowance, transportation allowance, certification allowance, tenure allowance and others provided to the employees yet the rate of employee turnover cannot be reduced.

For this, it is necessary that when you join any Sunny hills call centre you should be very careful about your health. If you can maintain your health, you will be able to get those extra perks along with keeping yourself healthy.

Here are those health tips that will help you when you join any call centre Surry hills wide.

Keep hydrating yourself

It is necessary that you keep on hydrating yourself. For that, drinking water is the best because it is always preferable than cold drinks or any other beverage. However, since in a call centre Surry hills has today, voice is your main tool, you should avoid cold water. Drink fresh and clean tap water. Drinking water will help you to lubricate your throat and keep you healthy.

No! No! to Cigarettes and caffeine

It is true that when you are working in an environment where stress is always there you will find that cigarettes and caffeine will seem to help you by relaxing. Although you may feel alert by having them but taking too many of them will be dangerous to your health. It is known that cigarette smoking leads to hypertension and even cancer. It may be difficult for you to say good-bye to these habits so you must schedule them. You can prepare a timetable like water Monday, tea Tuesday, caffeine Wednesday, water Thursday and so on.

Learn the art of relaxing

You may think that for relaxing you have to go to any specialized class, and you do not have the time for that! No issues, learn how breathing can help you relax. When you are under stress, inhaling and exhaling air will help you get relaxed. Thus, learn how to relax when you are surrounded by a lot of problems.

Do not miss your sleep

It’s true that while working in call centres you may have to work at odd hours, but do not miss your sleep. You may not be able to sleep at normal hours like others, but keep it in your routine that you sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. Nothing can re-energise your body than a sound sleep. Do not try to prove that only 5 hours of sleep a day are enough for you! It’s not, and do not try those energy drinks for getting your energy back. Sleep enough and feel fresh.

When you find best call centre in Surry hills to work for, it is natural that you will love to work there. But while you join them remember to follow the tips above and eat balanced meals so that you can maintain your health while working.