Things You Need to Know about Aged Care in Australia

There will come a time when you or your family members find it difficult to live independently, thus requiring assistance. This assistance comes in the form of Arcare, one of the best providers of Australian aged care. These services come into two main options: residential aged care and home care.

australian aged care

For Australian aged care, these two options funnel into three types: residential aged care, aged care homes, and transition or respite care.

Aged care help at home is for those who wish to continue to be cared for in their own homes. This enables them to control their lifestyle and everyday tasks. This also enables friends and family to stay close by.

For those who can no longer live at home, care is transferred to the team members of aged care homes. They will be there to provide help 24/7 for things, such as daily tasks (i.e. showering, bathing, eating), to more specific tasks for special cases (i.e. dementia care, disability care). This may be a permanent arrangement or a short-term one.

The third option is a transition and respite care. Transition care is for clients who have just come from the hospital and need special care. Respite care, on the other hand, is for clients whose current carers need a break.

One can know if they’re eligible or if they need aged care through a few simple steps: the first step is getting assessed. Knowing you’re eligible for aged care or not will help you with the next step: contacting an aged care home, which then leads to understanding your specific requirements, and assessing your finances.

For financial concerns, the Australian Government has subsidised a few services.

For home care, there are two options: the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Home Care packages. The Home Care packages require you to pay a certain amount, depending on your Age Pension and the evaluation of the Department of Human Services. For

Transition Care, Respite Care, and Residential Aged Care, you will be charged daily or hourly, depending on the services required by the client.

A government-endorsed service that is of high quality such as Arcare must be readily available to those who need it. Why they are as holistic and caring as they are stems from their values. They take the time to really understand the problems of those who need or live in elderly homes. They have created a space where everyone feels safe and nurtured. This is the commitment Arcare has created for the community they created and they make sure that it’s consistent throughout all their services.

Given all of this and their relationship-centered approach, it is no surprise that Arcare provides quality aged care in Australia. Throughout all its branches, Arcare promises enhanced daily living and social experiences for all to enjoy.

As mentioned, the aged care facility also provides home care services so that customers need not leave the comfort of their homes to receive the standard of care that Arcare promises its residents. You can find out more about the best Australian aged care and their services here: