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Thai is a Tai-Kadai language spoken mainly in Thailand by about sixty million people. The dialect that is spoken in the central part of the country is regarded as Standard Thai. In addition, it is used all over the country in the media, schools and for official purposes. Outside Thailand, the biggest concentration of Thai speakers is in Los Angeles in California. These are some basic facts you’ll encounter when you want to learn thai language.

The Thai language is closely related to Lao, especially the Lao spoken in the northern parts of Thailand. Its vocabulary includes many words from Sanskrit, Old Khmer, and Pali. To learn Thai language, you need to learn the Thai alphabet.

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About Thai Language Express

The school is located in Ploenchit Bangkok, less than a minute from BTS Phloen Chit. It allows you to learn Thai language easily due to its flexible learning hours. You can get more study time with less hassle.

Also, you can find over one thousand dictionary entries, audio clips, illustrations, images as well as the friendly worldwide community of people interested in the Thai language, travel, and culture.

Thai alphabet and features

The first example of Thai language in writing was a stone inscription which was found on a four-sided pillar at Sukhothai.  The inscription was dated 1292 AD, and it described the prosperity of King Ramkhamhaeng’s kingdom, its social and economic organization, legal system and the invention of the Thai script. In recent years, the Thai alphabet is used to write Thai. However, the authenticity of the alphabet includes some notable features.

The types of writing system consist of syllabic alphabets that have forty-four basic consonants. Each consonant has an inherent vowel: [o] in the intermediate position and another vowel [a] in the final position. The [a] is found in the words of Pali and Sanskrit origin while the [o] is found in native Thai words.

You need to note that the direction of writing starts from left to right on the horizontal line. Also, Thai is a tonal language that has five tones. The tone of a syllable is determined by joining the class of consonant.  To learn more, you need to join the Thai Language Express School. While the university is located in Ploenchit Bangkok, you can visit their website at

This site is designed to accommodate all English speakers with any level of interest. The mission of the site is to provide the highest quality Thai language resources. You can browse and book for your education visa. In addition, you can also practice the Thai language on the internet before traveling to study abroad.

If you need to write and master the Thai language, you can get quick and easy tutorials that will help you to get up and running. Learning Thai language can be a cumbersome and tedious experience. However, at Language Express, you will experience stimulating, fun and interactive learning methods.

General Tips for Passing a Police Entrance Exam

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Obtaining a Study Guide

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Taking Care When Answering Questions

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