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Basic Car Tire Safety Check

Before you take your car out of the garage, it is important that you perform basic safety check on the tyres. Even when you have invested in the highest quality Gold Coast tyres, it is still important to give it proper care. Much has been said about the link between car tyre condition and mileage and fuel efficiency, but it is also important to consider the importance when it comes to safety.

Here is a basic four-step guide you can do when you buy new Gold Coast tyres for your vehicle:

Step 1: Check the tire inflation pressure.

The tire inflation is a highly important aspect of its performance. Therefore, you need to diligently check the tire inflation before you drive it. Make sure the tyres are cold when you check for the tire inflation pressure. However, the recommended tire pressure will vary from one manufacturer to another. For brand new cars, you must check the manual to determine the ideal tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. For second-hand tyres, make sure you ask the dealer about car maintenance (and that includes tire pressure check) before you buy.

Step 2: Examine the valve caps.

The next safety check you must do is the evaluate the valve caps on the tyres. The valve caps should be extremely tight so as to avoid air leakage. Aside from air leakage, you would want to avoid dirt from getting into the tyres. Always take time to tighten the valve caps whenever you can.

Step 3: Look for signs of wear on the tyres.

A physical check of the tyres can tell you a lot about its physical condition. For example, check for any irregularities in the tyres alignment. Proper alignment is highly crucial to safety when driving your vehicle. Also, you should examine the car threads to ensure that it has not worn out. Once it is worn out, you should consider replacing the tyres as it might not provide great traction on the road. When your car tyre’s threads are also worn out, it is dangerous to drive in it especially over slippery surfaces.

Step 4: Look for any signs of damage.

One of the most common misconceptions that car owners have is that any foreign object that might be dislodged into your car tyre should be highly visible. Oftentimes, they are not. Smaller objects such as sharp but tiny rocks might have penetrated into the surface and are slowly working their way through the tyres. Aside from any objects embedded into the thread, you should also check for side wall damage. You do not have to be an expert mechanic in order to identify these possible signs of damage on your vehicle. But the sooner you can identify them, the better able you are in preventing more damage in the long run.

When you are in the market for new Gold Coast tyres, choose only the best suppliers like Southport Budget Tyres. With a quality tyre, you can save on maintenance and will have peace of mind when you set out onto the road. You can visit their website at

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4 Unusual Noises that should make you suspicious during a test drive

Buying a used truck can be a chancy affair if the truck doesn’t match what you bargained for. It’s not always easy to diagnose certain hidden transmission-related problems in most poorly-maintained used cars for sale St Cloud MN has to offer. Nonetheless, the noises below will easily help you identify them.

Whining noise

A whining noise emanating from the front of the transmission indicates a failing transmission oil pump. A truck’s transmission will whine if its oil pump works harder than it should. This usually occurs when the transmission filter is clogged or dirty. A failing transmission filter whines when engaging any gear and the whining sound is directly proportionate to the speed of the engine.

 Clunking or banging noise

If you move the shifter lever from the ‘park’ gear into any gear and hear a clunking or banging noise, check the transaxle or transmission. The clanging noise comes as a result of chipped or broken gear or missing transaxle hard parts. If the main shaft bearing is extensively worn, the transmission will produce a clunking sound when shifting gears. Besides, a damaged CV axle in a front wheel drive or a worn U-joint in a rear wheel drive also causes a clunking sound in some used cars for sale St Cloud MN has today. Check at Eich VW

Gurgling noise

When the transmission fluid is overfilled or low, expect a gurgling transmission noise. If the previous truck owner kept transmission contaminated or transaxle full of dirty automatic transmission fluid, the gurgling sound will be even louder. The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) asserts that about 90 percent of transmission problems that some second hand cars in MN are fluid related.

 Grinding or growling noise

Used cars for sale in MN with a chipped or cracked gear will produce a grinding or growling sound accompanied by irritating vibrations when driving. If the final drive gears are faulty, the transmission grinding sound will increase in pitch or get louder as the truck accelerates. If you don’t correct the grinding noise immediately you detect it, you risk incurring higher repair bills or even complete transmission failure.

Deep knocking noise

This kind of noise is a sign of a serious trouble. If you notice such noise during a test drive, you should be concerned even if you are dealing with dealers who sell the best used cars under 10000 in MN. The noise could imply that a certain part of the inner side of the car’s engine is worn out. If the rod bearing of the car is completely worn out or has become very loose, the bearing may fail after sometime. You should therefore avoid buying the car until a qualified mechanic properly tests diagnoses and repair the damaged area.

Assessing the general performance, roadworthiness and drivability of most used cars for sale St Cloud MN has to offer requires ardent attention to the unusual noises above. If you detect such noises during a test-drive session, get a competent mechanic to inspect the entire transmission system. Ignoring the above noises will subject your truck to more aggravated transmission problems. For more details, just visit

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Vespa 125 for sale: Riders’ first choice

The windfall in the two wheeler markets continues and Vespa has added more to the ever growing list of the options by launching the 150 cc. This new member of the twist-and-go segment is featured with a refreshing style in numerous attractive colors. Earlier Honda was the only choice when people looked for an ideal gearless scooter, but with the Vespa 125 for sale people can surely get rid of the monotonous and faceless scooters. This model is geared up with new alloy wheels, wider tyres and new partly digital instrument cluster.

Features that boggle the mind

The name Vespa is always a symbol of performance, uniqueness and style. These days, the bikers are quite conscious of the features when it comes to choosing an ideal bike. This Italian brand contains pressed, painted steel unibody that comprises of engine mechanism. The digital portion of the new instrument cluster adds more features to the digital fuel meter. The seats are nicely designed and are quite comfortable. It makes the riding position stress free.

Power-packed exterior

The exterior of this Vespa model possesses the same retro style with a rectangular headlight with chrome around it. The monocoque steel body along with a saddle with original finishing and chrome on mudguard and tail lights are new features of the Vespa. The 11-inch alloy wheel with thermo bonding white piping is another unique attribute in the new model which is appreciated by people of every age.

A great option

Vespa is undoubtedly a very comfortable scooter with its nicely placed handle bar, long and wide seats, clear and easily readable instrument panel. The manufacturers have kept safety as top priority by offering the strong monocoque steel body that provides protection at any time of collision. There is appropriate storage space, which is provided with big, in-built lockable glove box, a decent bag hook and an under seat storage space. One can say that the Vespa 125 for sale is a variant of Vespa S along with 150 and 50. Overall, Vespa is an exclusive bike that is good for people of all ages as its tremendous styling features seamlessly blend with the preferences of people with different lifestyles.


To become the owner of a ravishing Vespa scooter is probably the dream of every small biker lover. No other scooter can come even close to the popularity of Vespa. This brand has made a successful comeback with the launch of S series bikes, which are exclusively designed keeping the needs of bikers in mind. It’s not just perfect in terms of look, but is equally practical and functional. The new Vespa 125 for sale has further solidified its position by making huge improvement in the design and also under the skin. Within a small span of time, it has given a tough fight to all other gearless brands present in the automotive market. From the telescopic suspension system to the powerful front disc brakes, all features combine to make it an ideal selection for all potential buyers.

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About Car Services in Brisbane

Getting your car serviced in Brisbane might appear to be one of the easiest things to do. But when you own a high end vehicle, or you would want a very reliable and experienced agency offering car services in Brisbane, you will have to dig a little deeper and find how good the service station is and what all services they provide and so on. This way, you can even develop a long-term relationship with the agency, which is quite useful for car owners.

All Cars Serviced Under One Roof

When you pick a service station to get your car repaired or just get it serviced, you would want to be sure you are going to the right place. So what is the right place as such? Firstly, the agency should have some years handling cars. Some agencies might be associated with one automobile major like Volkswagen. They could be experts in handling all the different models of VW, including the older versions. But that does not mean they cannot handle cars of other make like Ford, Toyota or Mitsubishi. Once they are in the field the mechanics, the engineers on their role would be capable of handling any car. The infrastructure they have and the approach to the service they adopt will be more relevant to you.

Complete Services Offered

The agency you choose for car services in Brisbane should also be able to provide all round services for your vehicle. You wouldn’t want to go to different places for different jobs. So, starting with engine reconditioning where required or just tuning it up to attend to the steering and suspension related work and transmission jobs, all will have to be handled. Whether your car has an automatic transmission or manual or whether you are driving a high end SUV with 4 –wheel drive, the agency should have the trained manpower to attend to any such car.

Brakes and the clutch mechanism are other critical components in any car and you would want them to be in perfect shape while driving. You will be relying completely on your service agency to ensure that when the car is serviced and driven out, these parts are at their functional best.

Ready for All Situations

A service station has to have the latest equipment to provide car services in Brisbane. These include the diagnostic equipment required to test the engine or the wheel alignment and the condition of the batteries. Car manufacturers these days insist on the service offering agencies to invest on these minimum facilities to enable their customers to experience best services. In the case of new cars, there will be the logbook service as well.

Besides, the service station has to also hold the spares and oils, greases and other lubricants in stock or arrange it quickly so that the vehicle is serviced and delivered to you on time. In addition, if you have an old car that requires a complete overhaul, the service station in Brisbane will be able to handle that as well. They will check with you on the estimate and the parts to be replaced. If you give your acceptance, they will finish the work and hand over the car to you.

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