Entry Requirements for Police Recruitment in Victoria, Australia

Becoming a police officer in Victoria requires that you meet certain requirements before you can gain the title. One of the requirements is to pass an exam that qualifies you for the next step in the recruitment process. After sitting for the police exam online, the examiners assess your performance and notify you of your grades. If you pass the examination as required, you can then proceed to the next step.

Police Exam Online

The providers of police exam online are keen about selecting only qualified applicants to proceed with the police recruitment process. Generally, the government of Australia has certain requirements for those who wish to join the police service. However, the police exam online serves as a mirror for applicants to determine whether they are fit to take up the career as police officers, based on their performance in the exam.

For that reason, each applicant for police officer recruitment in Victoria is advised to take the police entrance exam first to expose his or her abilities. At Police Preparation Australia, the examiners comprise a team of qualified personnel to vet police officer applicants.

Their goal in providing the police exam is to ensure that each applicant is up to speed with the tougher conditions involved in the police recruitment process. Besides, they ensure that the applicants become aware of what to expect in the written tests and interviews they will encounter in the earlier stages of the selection process.

If you wish to join Victoria police service, here are some of the entry requirements that the government expects of you.

1.    Good character and reputation: the police department of Victoria conducts a series of background checks on all applicants before they can join the service. Each applicant is required to submit previous history and failure to provide correct information leads to immediate disqualification from the recruitment process.

2.    Education: applicants below 21 years of age must have passed the Victorian Certificate of Education or its equivalent. If you are over 21 years, you are eligible for application under mature-age entry.

3.    Citizenship: before you can be recruited into police service in Victoria, you need to confirm that you are an Australian citizen or you hold permanent residency to apply for Victoria police. Applicants from New Zealand should present Special Category Visa and must be living in Australia in order to apply for the post.

4.    Fitness: police service involves a lot of physical activity. You need to maintain a healthy level of cardio and fitness to qualify for police service. Thorough fitness evaluation is part of the selection process and once you join the force, you will be undergoing a series of fitness evaluation exercises.

There are many more requirements from the government’s side and that is why a police exam study guide is necessary. With that resource, you can know what is required of you in advance and take the necessary measures. The series of examinations offered by Police Preparation Australia are essential for that part of self-preparation to determine your fitness for the job. With a passion to help interested candidates prepare for a successful police career, the examiners ensure that the exams are in line with the requirements of the department of police.

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