Basic Car Tire Safety Check

Before you take your car out of the garage, it is important that you perform basic safety check on the tyres. Even when you have invested in the highest quality Gold Coast tyres, it is still important to give it proper care. Much has been said about the link between car tyre condition and mileage and fuel efficiency, but it is also important to consider the importance when it comes to safety.

Here is a basic four-step guide you can do when you buy new Gold Coast tyres for your vehicle:

Step 1: Check the tire inflation pressure.

The tire inflation is a highly important aspect of its performance. Therefore, you need to diligently check the tire inflation before you drive it. Make sure the tyres are cold when you check for the tire inflation pressure. However, the recommended tire pressure will vary from one manufacturer to another. For brand new cars, you must check the manual to determine the ideal tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. For second-hand tyres, make sure you ask the dealer about car maintenance (and that includes tire pressure check) before you buy.

Step 2: Examine the valve caps.

The next safety check you must do is the evaluate the valve caps on the tyres. The valve caps should be extremely tight so as to avoid air leakage. Aside from air leakage, you would want to avoid dirt from getting into the tyres. Always take time to tighten the valve caps whenever you can.

Step 3: Look for signs of wear on the tyres.

A physical check of the tyres can tell you a lot about its physical condition. For example, check for any irregularities in the tyres alignment. Proper alignment is highly crucial to safety when driving your vehicle. Also, you should examine the car threads to ensure that it has not worn out. Once it is worn out, you should consider replacing the tyres as it might not provide great traction on the road. When your car tyre’s threads are also worn out, it is dangerous to drive in it especially over slippery surfaces.

Step 4: Look for any signs of damage.

One of the most common misconceptions that car owners have is that any foreign object that might be dislodged into your car tyre should be highly visible. Oftentimes, they are not. Smaller objects such as sharp but tiny rocks might have penetrated into the surface and are slowly working their way through the tyres. Aside from any objects embedded into the thread, you should also check for side wall damage. You do not have to be an expert mechanic in order to identify these possible signs of damage on your vehicle. But the sooner you can identify them, the better able you are in preventing more damage in the long run.

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