Top Five Types of Houses to Consider for Your New Home

If you are planning to construct a new home, there are many options to choose from, courtesy of the new designs and architectural revolutions that have come up in the industry. Companies involved in the construction of new homes come up with various designs and types of houses to suit the expectations of each client.

new homes

However, while shopping for a new home, it is advisable to select a company that specializes in the construction of new homes to give you the best type and design. In addition, there are other factors that you should consider such as cost, home insurance services and others. Here are top five types of houses you can consider for your new home.


A bungalow is a low-profile type of a house. In some ways it is similar to cottage design, but they vary slightly in small details. For instance, the price tag, style, and history of the bungalow are different from that of a cottage. Bungalows date back to the time of British colonial administrators when they adapted the classic low-roof houses of Indian style. The design is common today and the houses can be detached or semi-detached. If this is your preferred house design, then you should contact reliable builders for new homes that Melbourne has to offer. Read more at Esperance Homes

Cottage houses

Another type of house you can choose is the cottage design, which is a house with a slightly higher eaves front wall. It can accommodate smaller windows and the roof is shallower compared to other types of houses. With chimneys appearing in the middle or at the end of the end of the building, cottages are usually one and half storey. The upper floor, though, is smaller than the ground floor, owing to the support pillars that take some of the floor space. Melbourne builders for new homes often have professionals to design your cottage to suit your expectations.

Detached housing

A detached housing is a single-standing property. It does not share walls with another structure. They come with more privacy. If this is your choice of house, it is advisable to get in touch with reliable builders in Melbourne to assess your requirements. A reliable builder will ensure that you get a structure that meets your specifications and budget. Detached housing is more expensive compared to other types of houses due to its privacy.


Flats are common types of houses, especially in commercial estates in urban centers. They are self-contained houses in a big building that can be split up into several sections. If you wish to construct a flat in Melbourne, you can engage reliable companies that construct new homes. Unlike detached houses, flats can accommodate several living areas in a smaller space, especially when they are built in storey. Engaging a reliable home builder is the first step to acquiring a house of your choice.

Other types of houses that you can consider include terraced, end-of-terrace, and knock down rebuild houses. Your builder should be ready to share with you available options that you can explore. In Melbourne, you can get additional information about new home builders at

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